You Were Made for Victory

What are you afraid of today? Failure? Rejection? Loss? The future?

Fear is a liar. One that knocks the wind right out of you and turns your dreams to ash. It whispers, “you can’t” so often that you begin to believe it as truth.

I’ve watched people give up on their dreams. Watch the stars slip from their fingers. Jobs get comfortable and the bills have to get paid. Relationships get comfortable, and suddenly it’s 10 years later, and you realize you’ve settled for less than what you deserve. Comfort turns to stagnancy. You don’t know how to get out. You wake up one morning and ask yourself, “Is this it?”

God will bless you where you’re at. He will take the measly crumbs that you’ve settled for and make them beautiful. But imagine the blessing in being where He’s designed you to be, living the life He’s called you to live. God’s plans for us are more glorious, more rewarding, more fruitful, and more fulfilling than anything we could ever put together on our own.

You were made for victory. You were made for glory. But you aren’t going to find victory in the crumpled sheets of your unmade bed. You won’t find your calling by sitting and waiting for it to come to you. By going through your mundane routine waiting for a spark to light, waiting for something big to happen. It doesn’t come through waiting. It comes through getting up and getting out. Pushing the boundaries. Testing all the options.

Find your passion. Find what pulls at your heart and brings tears to your eyes. Find what fills you totally and completely, and then chase after it. Run full speed until your lungs burn and your legs give out. Silence the “you can’t”s and “you aren’t”s. You can. And you are. But you’ve got to want it. You’ve got to stretch your arms as high as they’ll go and reach for it.

Fear of change is powerful. Crippling. But God gave us a spirit of strength and boldness, not one of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). Claim His promises for you. Promises for a beautiful future filled with purpose and joy (Jeremiah 29:11). Promises for hope. Love. Get out and claim the life He made you for.


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