Blessed to Bless


“I will bless you… and you will be a blessing.”

Genesis 12:2


That’s a promise. And a command. God will bless your life–with joy abounding. And He commands us to then take those blessings and bless others.

God doesn’t bless us to hoard those blessings for ourselves. The very purpose of the gifts He gives are that we use them to reach and touch others. That we bring joy, hope, and peace to those who may not have it. That we show them a little glimpse of Jesus’ love. That people will come to know Christ through us.

Because people always want to know why. “Why are you helping me? Why are you doing this for me?” Sad that we have to ask that. But in this day and age, selfless behavior is rare and kind acts are few and far between. When someone acts out of genuine love, it catches us by surprise. “Why are you doing this for me?”

And then, my friends, we can say, Because I’ve been blessed and I’d like to bless you. Because Jesus loves you. Because you are special to God. Because God loves us so that we may love others.

And that kind of thinking has a ripple effect. I am joyful, grateful, and ready to bless because of the abundant blessings I’ve been given. So I bless you. And you then bless another. Whole communities can be changed. I’ve watched it happen. And then the entire community reaches out and changes another community. It’s simple, but so very life-changing.

God gives you certain gifts for a reason. He sends certain people into your life for a reason, either to bless you or to be blessed by you. But most of the time, we are too wrapped up in our daily lives to notice them. Either to give or to receive. We have to be alert and expectant. Our eyes must be open to the work God is actively doing in our lives.

It’s a promise, beloved. And a command. God will bless you and you will be a blessing.


4 thoughts on “Blessed to Bless

    • Sorry I’m so late in responding, but I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad God was able to use my words to spark some thought in you!


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