Let Go and Let God

image from elephantjournal.com

image from elephantjournal.com

“God’s desire to bless you is as great as He is…and impossible to fathom.”
(Prayers & Blessings, DaySpring DayBrightener)

God wants to bless you. Beyond your wildest imagination. He desires to fill you with joy and peace abounding. He wants to give you a life of abundance. Abundant love, abundant hope, abundant bliss. He wants to fill your cup to overflowing. But He can’t give you new gifts when your fists are clenched tightly, knuckles white, around things He has called you to let go of.

Maybe it’s a job, relationship, hobby, or habit. Maybe it’s where you live. You’re holding on for dear life, so afraid of letting go. Of starting over. Of losing things. But He’s calling to you, saying, “Child, please. What I have for you is so much better. So much greater. Filled with beauty and glory. You will overflow with joy. Trust me. Please, just trust me. Let go, child. Let go and receive the beauty I have for you.”

God has called me to let go of things. I ignored Him at first. It sounded too painful. Too treacherous. I couldn’t. But His words gnawed at my very soul. “Let go, beloved”. Eventually, I opened my hands are released what I had been so desperately clutching onto. It was painful. Excruciating at times. But, oh, what He had waiting for me on the other side. Glory. Beauty. Love like I’ve never been loved. I shouldn’t be shocked at God’s works, because I know they’ll be amazing. But every time I am more amazed than the last. He blesses so richly.

God brings us through seasons of pruning our character. He takes things away from us to build us up. They are painful seasons, but they have a purpose. A purpose only God can know.

Unclench those fists, beloved. It’s scary to let go–the kind of scary that makes you want to crawl in bed and pull the covers up over your eyes. But I promise you–God promises you, and His promises are worth a lot more than mine–that what’s waiting for you on the other side is more spectacular than you could possibly imagine.


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