Waiting for Tomorrow


Ever feel like you’re constantly waiting for tomorrow? I can’t wait til Friday. I can’t wait til the weekend. I can’t wait til today’s over and I can just crawl in bed. I can’t wait, I can’t wait. I’m guilty of this. Guilty, yes, because this isn’t a way to live. Its fault lies in stealing from us the joy of today. There’s nothing wrong with having something to look forward to–rest during the weekend, quality time with family, a much-needed vacation. But when we focus entirely on the upcoming, we lose sight of the here and now. Sometimes we decide a day or week is going to be bad before it even begins. This poisons our attitude and dictates how we behave and how we receive things. It hinders our hearts from receiving the good. We expect the day to be bad, therefore we make it so.

I think that in having this type of mindset–always waiting for tomorrow–we blind ourselves from the work God is doing in our lives daily. We miss opportunities He throws our way to reach others with His love. To experience His blessings, however big or small. To take note of His majesty surrounding us. To be fully aware of the magnificence of knowing Him and being a part of His plan and His story.

I think waiting for tomorrow is natural. We all do it. But I propose a different way. A way in which we live fully in the here and now, rejoicing in every blessing. Keeping our eyes wide open to the incredible work God is constantly doing. Keeping our ears tuned in to His voice, listening for His call.

That sounds to me like a better way to live. To live in expectation of God’s blessing. His goodness. His grace. His power. To live with eyes to see His mighty hand in all we do. To live for the today we’ve been given, instead of for the tomorrow that is never promised.


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