Precious Faith

Your faith is more precious than mere gold

1 Peter 1:7 (NLT)


Your faith is more precious than mere gold. Gold, what the world encourages us daily to place above all else. Gold. Fame. Fortune. What we equate with freedom, power, and prestige. The American Dream. The Big Goal. A Better Life.

One of the many fascinating and incredible things about God is He turns conventional thinking on its head. Your faith is more precious than mere gold. Mere! Oh, He knew His audience well. Knew we would have such a struggle with the dark yet beautiful allure of money. Knew we would place money on a pedestal–consider it the prize to be won. Something to continually strive for. A measure of worth.

If riches are so important to us–so seemingly crucial to our everyday lives–and God, through James, says our faith is so much more important, how vital then does that make our faith?

Many of us look to money for comfort. I think most will agree that having a certain amount of money makes life more comfortable. James is saying here that your faith in Jesus Christ brings much more comfort than the fleeting promises of riches. Riches will come and go. They are not guaranteed. But God is. He never comes and goes.¬†He is constant. Never changing. Never failing. If we place our faith in Him, knowing we will have hard times, but also knowing He will work each and every one of those times out for good and for His glory, we will experience the flood of overwhelming peace that comes from resting in our inheritance as God’s chosen children. The peace that comes in knowing without a shadow of a doubt who we are and whose we are. That’s an assurance no money can buy. No amount of gold can secure. That’s faith. The kind of faith that moves mountains and doesn’t know the word impossible. The kind of faith that holds tight to God’s promises as the storms of life relentlessly rage on. That’s faith that’s much more precious than mere gold.


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