God doesn’t make sense… And I like it that way

I recently finished reading the book Blue Like Jazz. (I’m late, I know). There were a lot of points throughout the book where I had to stop and highlight something that just hit me. Something either I had never considered, or a familiar concept that was rephrased in a way that made sense to me on an entirely different level. One of those things that just hit me was this:

“[She] believed that all things that were true were rational. But that isn’t the case. Love, for example, is a true emotion, but it is not rational. What I mean is, people actually feel it. I have been in love, plenty of people have been in love, yet love cannot be proved scientifically. Neither can beauty. Light cannot be proved scientifically, and yet we all believe in light and by light see all things. There are plenty of things that are true that don’t make any sense. I think one of the problems [she] was having was that she wanted God to make sense. He doesn’t.”                                  

God doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t matter how hard we try to make Him make sense–He won’t. And this got me thinking. Why would we want to serve a god who made sense to us? A god so small and with such little power that our minds could actually understand him.

I think sometimes we do want that. We put God into a little box and forget how great He is. How mighty. How powerful. How forgiving. How loving. We think He can’t forgive us, heal us, change our situation. That problem is too great for Him to fix. That person too damaged. But He’s so much bigger than our wildest thoughts can imagine.

God doesn’t make sense to me. He won’t until I meet him face to face in Heaven. But I love that about him. I love just standing in awe at the greatness of my God. I love knowing his power and might are too great for my mind to fathom. That I can never truly know the fullness of His glory. The span of His wisdom. The vastness of His love. The magnitude of His power.

I don’t know where God came from or how. But I know He just is. And I take comfort in that. My God is so big, his name is simply I am. I was, I am, I always will be.

God doesn’t make sense, but I don’t need Him to. I’m grateful that He doesn’t.


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