Not Another Resolution

“We’re after Your heart. We’re after Your heart.”

What would that look like it if were really true? If we all (myself included) were running full speed after God’s heart. Trying to learn more about Him–His character, His love. If we were chasing His heart in an attempt to be more like Him. If every day that was our primary focus. What would that look like?
We would love as He loved us– without condemnation, full of grace. A love that says, “What you’ve done doesn’t matter, as long as you come to me.” A love that changes us and everyone who comes into contact with us. A love that is self-sacrificing– always putting others above self. What would that look like?

In this season of resolutions (maybe I’m a little late for this), as everyone pledges to make this the year they become their best selves, I want more. More than a resolution that dissolves after a few short months. I want a real change. Something lasting. I want to be completely, wholeheartedly, in pursuit of the heart of God. I want a passion for His love– a desire to know Him deeper and more intimately– burning deep inside me. A longing that cannot be ignored or pushed to the side in favor of the matters of daily life.

I want to be after His heart.


So, I know I haven’t been here in a while. Sorry about that. But brace yourselves, because I’m back and I’m ready for action.


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